Frequently Asked
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Some very important Frequently Organizations for amateurs and seasoned

1) Is Koi Society Pakistan a profit making organization?

Ans. Koi Society Pakistan (KSP) is not a profit making organization, it provides its
services for a nominal fee and is mostly to facilitate the Koi Keeper and bring together
the hobbyists scattered all over Pakistan.

2) Every time I buy fish "they tend to die"...What could be the issue:

Ans. Koi are a hard fish by nature. But Koi or mostly any other fish die for two main

A) Bad Water Quality. Water Quality is the most important aspect of Koi Keeping.
B) Over feeding. Over feeding is a common temptation hobbyists fall into in
excitement or to view fish on the surface of the pond often. This habit or lack of
discipline in Koi feeding tends to over feed and kill the fish. Over feeding also
damages the water quality.

If these two important factors are taken care of the Koi is a strong fish to keep.

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