"Koi Society Pakistan" is the first of its kind of Organization in Pakistan and was found
in 2008. It encourages Koi enthusiasts, sellers and buyers to come under one roof and
enjoy this elite hobby.
The founder holds experience of over 10 years of keeping Koi.

Here are a few services we provide for Koi Lovers:
  • Excellent Varieties of Koi Fish
  • Turn Key pond solutions
  • Pond Equipment & Supplies
  • Consultancy Services for Existing Problems
  • A roof for the enthusiasts to socialise
    amongst each other

We at Koi Society, are all about the love for Koi. We can provide you with the Koi your pond
easily support, design your pond for you, maintain your pond for you, and even
provide you with a complete end to end solution for the hobby.
How can you help:

You are welcome to volunteer in the society and experience the hobby without investing
alot of money in it, we welcome volunteer requests through our contact us page.
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